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LaserJob Canada

LaserJob Canada

LaserJob is a company based in Cambridge Ontario and in southern Germany. They produce SMD Stencils and do laser material processing.

Apart from this website being setup in two languages the defining aspect are the various images with transitions. Thus enabling the website to show many different relevant images, but saving space on the page at the same time.

Hernia Clinik Muschaweck in Munich Germany

Hernien Klinik Muschaweck in München

Leistenbruch, Hernia Clinik Muschaweck

The website for the Hernia Clinik in Munich did not only receive a complete new layout, but it can now be viewed in 5 different languages.

It even supports Cyrillic (Russian) and Arabic writing.

EastShore Realty

EastShore Realty in Manitoba Canada

EastShore Realty is a realty agent serving the eastern beaches area of Lake Winnipeg. They have specialized in selling and renting cottages and permanent residences in this resort area.

The important thing for this website was that the realtor could make all major changes to the realty objects herself. Thus making it unnecessary for her to constantly contact a developer to make changes to her listings. This was solved with our own Realty Extension that has a backend administration module for administering listings 

LBT Enterprises Winnipeg

LBT Enterprises Winnipeg pilecutters

Leon B. Trudeau Enterprises

LBT Enterprises creates hydraulic pile cutters and is based in Winnipeg Mantioba. To be able to better promote their product they needed a webpage they could maintain themselve. Thus being able to keep their customers informed of any changes or news. We created: www.lbt-enterprises.com in Typo3. 

Alpha Armouring Panzerung GmbH

Alpha Armouring Panzerung GmbH

Alpha Armouring

Alpha Armouring Panzerung®, has set itself the goal of ascertaining how security can be most effectively achieved through the use of armoured vehicle technology in order to maximise personal protection.

The Alpha Armouring website contains many effects and galleries using jQuery.


Dr. Dr. Frank Muggenthaler

Fontana Klinik an den Thermen

Fontana Klinik an den Thermen

For the Fontana Klinik in Freiburg and Basel we have developed and hosted various websites - using our Promoting System we ensure that the domains can be found in the relevant search engines for the correct search words and slogans.


Naturstein Faszination Ismanning bei München

NATURSTEIN Faszination

Thomas Widmann GmbH

Ismanning bei München

Mr. Widmann's new web pages: www.natursteinfaszination.de have not only given his company a new and fresh appearance for the outside world, they are also a lot easier to maintain than his former pure HTML pages.

Oberender & Partner

Oberender & Partner


Als universitätsnahe Unternehmensberatung liegt Oberender & Partner ein Austausch zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis besonders am Herzen. 


FMD Financial Consultants

Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherungen FMD Finanzmanagement

FMD Financial Consultants and Insurances

The webpages: www.berufsunfaehigkeit-top.de and others similar to it are used by FMD to show which insurances and investments are available on the German market. Letting the interested visitor compare offers or ask for detailed consulting.


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