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What use is the nicest Web site, if it cannot be found on the Net?

Studies have shown that 85% of the Internet surfers make use of search engines and lists to find what they are looking for. Users will generally only view the first 3 to 5 result pages and click on the links contained in them.

This makes it more and more important that your Internet site is positioned in the front ranks of search engine results. Only then can you really profit from the medium Internet.

Surfers on the Internet that use search engines expect to find what they were looking for without have to spend a large amount of time searching - quickly and precisely. Placement in serach results further back are of course useless thenn.


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Don't you go searching for customers, have them find you by promoting your Web site purposefully.


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The graphic below show the hits on one of our customer's sites who started with our promoting in May 2004. His is a business with thousands of competitors.
In the months prio to this he had a Web site, but no visitors. About three to four weeks after our promoting started the hist on his site just sky rocketed.


Wouldn't you like to see the hits on your site rise like this?
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