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Blogs, chat rooms and forums that we can recommend.

2 Guys going into the Canadian bush to Survival for 30 days

A woodsmen site. Check out the real survival in the Canadian Bush with Brad and Sean. They have a chat room and a forum for members 

The first Cottage Country Chat and Forum are avaiable.
Post News at hte Forum, Chat with others from the Cottage Country Manitoba

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Eastern Beaches of Lake Winnipeg Blog
Eastern Beaches Blog

A blog for everything that is of interest in the Eastern Beaches Area of Lake Winnipeg Manitoba. 

Just register yourself with your email and write away!

Blog for physicians, surgeons, plastic surgeon and their patients.

The online diary of Cheryl Davis' visits in Munich Germany with lots of pictures!

A blog mainly concerned with news and events in Munich Germany. The bloggers tend to voice their oppinions on other subject too though!

A blog devoted to German health insurances and investments


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