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Scanner Programming

Many modern day barcode scanners have more computing power than most so called main frames did a decade ago.

To ensure that this computing power and memory is properly put to use applications can be uploaded into the scanner to perform various custom tasks. Here too we have developed a large number of solutions.

One example was programming a barcode scanner that was hardly bigger than your everyday ball pen so that the employees of our customer could go around work all day, entering feedback for maintenance work - such as order id, time and employee identification.


In addition to barcode scanners there are 'normalimage scanners. Used for such applications such as Document Archiving or Document Processing.

Document archiving in particular is an area where we have developed modules(DLLs) with pre-defined interfaces that enable a smooth integration into existing applications. Scanned documents kann be directly uploaded to a database or stored on hard disks.

Together with OCR(Optical Character Recognition) software scanned documents can even be evaluated and processed further.


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