FSnD / Fredrick's Software network & Design FSnD performs application programming in C, C++, Java, PHP, PL/SQL, etc. For Oracle databases, MySQL, Oracle Forms, hardware interfacing, embedded systems, realtime systems, Typo3 Webpages, Siemend Simatic S5, S7, exotic printers, etc

Software Development

If you search the Internet or go to your local software store you will find there are tons of different software programs already available. You should think that we don't need any more new programs. This can certainly be the case in some areas.

In industrial production and office environments users constantly face new problems that require new and different approaches, thus new software applications. There simply are some problems that cannot be covered by your standard software application from the shop next door. This is where application programming comes in.

Applications may be needed for all kinds of areas such as:


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