FSnD / Fredrick's Software network & Design FSnD Ltd offers various services for Oracle and MySQL databases - this includes installation, maintenance, administration, interfaces and programming.

Data Base Development, Service / Administration for Data Bases

Database development

FSnD develops database applications for Oracle and MySQL Linux. Database driven web-sites, data visualisation - TYPO3. We install and administer databases such as Oracle and MySQL - client applications for Windows with database connections.

Oracle Databases


    • We have over fifteen years experience in the installation and maintenance of Oracle databases on Linux, Unix and Windows
    • We perform database analyses for Oracle databases on all platforms
    • Database programming for Oracle in PLSQL, PHP, Perl, C and Java.
    • Interface programming between Oracle and/or MySQL database and other systems - AS/400, Procars, Euromistral, Caesar, Ciel, Ships - ASCII files(CSV) and database links
    • Visualisation of database contents with Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Graphics - starting with Oracle Forms version 3.0 to Oracle Forms 10g.
    • Database integrated Internet and intranet pages in Typo3, PHP, Perl, CGI, C and C++
    • Data interfacing between external devices with hardware interfaces and database applications


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Of course you can contact us directly by email or call at (204) 756-3981.