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Oracle databases

An Oracle database is usually not a minor investment for a company. To make optimal use of it you need people that know their way around Oracle DBs. It takes a lot of expierience to be able to deal with the complexities and innovations within these databases and how they function on different platforms and environments. 


The most important thing to know is that an Oracle database will generally not run unmaintained and unattended. Continuous maintenance and survailance is required. That's what so called DBAs(Database Administrators) are for. A DBA is responsible for the security of the database, user access and fast request responses. A DBA's job is to optimize requests and data storage for a companies requirments.

We have maintained and installed Oracle databases for over fifteen years now and have been developing applications for it. We have extensive expierience in creating data structures and user interfaces for Oracle. Some of the applications we developed run as standard products in major international companies on various operating system platforms.

Database contents have to be made visible for users. In other words the data has to be processed and put into human readable form so users can understand it and process it further. There are numerous tools on the market for doing this. One example are Oracle Forms and Reports, but smaller applications can also be built using PHP, Perl, CGI or CMSs such as Typo3. These later tools are becoming more and more popular for creating Web applications.

Over the past years we have developed, designed and maintained several major Oracle applications. Among them are systems for Preventive Maintenance, Customer Information Systems, Document Archiving and Production Control with barcodes.



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