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Administration of the Simatic Connection

spsXChange can be used to monitor multiple Stations within a Production Process

spsXChange Administration View

spsXChange can monitor several different production points that use an S7 or scanner. The amount is limited by the performance of the computer it is installed on.

Using the administration interface settings can be made for each individual station or production point. Easily using a browser application from anywhere within the company network.

The administration interface lists all stations and the setting for the Simatic or scanner can be changed according to requirements.

Stations can be added and deleted.

Access to this module is protected by password.

Individual Stations can be configured for Simatic and Scanner

spsXChange, basic settings

The station setting define whether a Simatic S7 or a an IP scanner should be monitored.

A station can also be configured to monitor both at the same time.

Individual stations can be de-activated temporarily.

Basic Simatic Settings

spsXChange S7 Simatic basic settings

To address a Simatic the basic parameter are set.

Possible parameters are ip-address, slot, rack and individual time-outs.

Datablock and address for writing to Simatic S7

Datablock and address for writing to Simatic S7

For each managed station the data block and address can be set for write access.


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