FSnD / Fredrick's Software network & Design Hardware interfaces

Interfacing between hardware and data processing

Modern PCs usually have a number of external hardware interfaces to make communication with external devices possible. The most well known hardware interfaces are those for your screen or your mouse and keyboard.

Additionally to the above named interfaces there are a variety of interfaces to access special external hardware. These interfaces are usually classified as either parallel(Centronix, LPT2, LPT1 or printer interface) and serial(COM1, COM2, RS-232, USB or Firewire) interfaces. There are also a bunch of specialized interfaces such as RS-488, fiber optic, current loop, etc, to connect special external devices to a PC in various environments.


FSnD has collected a large amount of expierience with all these interfaces during the last 15 years. We create connections to special printers using RS-232, RS-488 or current loop. We have applications that read information from barcode and other scanners using SCSI, RS-232, RS-488 or USB. In addition we have applications that access external hardware such as Siemens Simatic S5 and S7 using Profibus, RS-488, RS-422, current loop and special parallel interface cards.


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