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Dynamic Web applications in PHP

Nowadays it does not suffice to just create a Web page or site. Modern Web pages should be able to display up to date data dynamically and specifically tailored to the requirements of the user - at the same time making it possible to process and change the retrieved data. This is done for instance when visualizing database contents in intranet and Internet applications.

PHP was specifically designed to do this - originally as a class library for the older language Perl. The language contains libraries for accessing various different databases. There even are moduls specifically for processing PDF files.

The combination of an Apache Web server and PHP makes for fast and dynamic HTML page creation. The combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP( so called LAMP systems ) is finding a constantly growing popularity, as it is extreemly cost efficient.

PHP is available for various different operating system platforms such as all Unix derivates, including Linux - but also for Windows.

The above combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP is proving to be a very cost effective alternative to expensive main frames or Windows and is becoming more and more important in modern Web development.


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