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CRM Software Customer Relationship Management

Customer relation management or customer care describes the documentation and maintenance of customer relations. It is an important building block for relationship marketing. As customer relations are targeted long term, all customer specific company activities have to be documented - to increase the success of the enterprise.

Sales approach and customer retention have an ever increasing importance. The reason being that the acquisition of new customers is up to five times more expensive than customer retention. Therefore all customer related data and all transactions with this customer are stored in a central database (using CRM software). This data is then integrated and processed so that it is available to the whole corporation in the proper context.

CRM supports cummunicating a concentration of the customer process with reliable numbers, data, facts, and the attention to relationships and customer value( Key Account Management ) and helps identify weeknesses in the customer dialog. Thus the CRM software provides a structure for standardised work process.

Should you be interested in CRM software or solutions, specifically for logistics and carriers, please contact us. We will put you in contact with the currently most used and most effective CRM Software providers for the logistics and carrier industry.

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CRM is a wholistic approach to corporate management. It integrates and optimises all customer related processes comprehensively for marketing, sales, customer service and R & D. This is done on the basis of a database with the appropriate software for market cutivation and according to sales processes defined in advance. The goal of a CRM is to increase the value of your customer base and sales staff in the scope of your business connections.


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