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Reference Companies

Kodak Polychrome Graphics

Kodak Polychrome Graphics

For Kodak Polychrome Graphics we created a Barcode-System  to support their quality controle or the offset printing plates they produce.

From the moment a printing plate is first cut to the final packaging and dispatch to their customers the product is traced using barcodes printed onto the product. This barcode contains the produciton time, the production machine and the product code. Thus the quality of all batches can be traced and bad batches can collectively be with-held.

Additionally the production is stored in an Oracle Database and this information is communicated to the central AS/400. During the production process an intensive exchange of information is done with Siemens Simatics S5 and S7 to control the production process.

Intec GmbH and Intec LLC

Intec LLC

Together with Intec GmbH and their American counterpart Intec LLC we took part in the portation and development of their standard product: ISI(Intec Maintenance System) from DOS/Informix to a Windows and Oracle based application. This key system now uses Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Graphics to help various large companies perform preventiv maintenance for their productions machinery. It is used by well known companies such as: Daimler-Chrysler Ag, MAN-Nutzfahrzeuge AG, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, Bavarian Television, etc.

Additionally we took part in the development and maintenance of another Intec standard product now used by Daimler-Chrysler AG: DASI. DASI is an Oracle based document archiving system which integrates with ISI.

Currently we assist Intec in their development of another standard product called WTDS. WTDS is a Web-Training-Development-System, that enables trainers to develop training applications online. It creates online courses for specific user groups. We are responsible for the development of the plugins for Web browsers that support the visual, audio and image editing of WTDS.


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