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Typo3 Webpages converted from standard HTML

Below are a few webpages converted from regular, old fashioned HTML to Typo3. Some of them underwent a complete redesign, others were relaunched using the original design, but are now lower maintanance due to CMS hosting.

You can also go here for a more detailed list of our Typo3 customers.

Upon request we can send you a more complete list of our Typo3 projects. The sites listed below is not complete, as some projects were left out, others are not yet complete.

As you can see by looking at the examples below there are almost limitless possiblities for desiging a website with Typo3. From simple and very functional to fancy and hip. Many things that are possible with this CMS just could not be done with straight HTML!

Typo3 for Manitoba! We can make your Webproject happen!

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Hernia Clinic Dr. Conze in Munich

Hernien Zentrum, Leistenbruch Klinik

Hernia Clinic Dr. Conze in Munich
The website for the Hernia Clinik in Munich did not only receive a complete new layout, but it can now be viewed in 5 different languages
It even supports Cyrillic (Russian) and Arabic writing.

Ateah Realty Manitoba Canada

Ateah Realty Manitoba Canada

Ateah Realty is a realtor based in Hillside Beach Manitoba, on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg.

Ateah needed a new website that we had finest communication design and then implemented in Typo3.

The website uses our Realty Listing Extension that we re-wrote to meet the new Extbase and Fluid standards for Typo3 6.x.

LaserJob Canada

LaserJob Canada

LaserJob is a company based in Cambridge Ontario and in southern Germany. They produce SMD Stencils and do laser material processing.

Apart from this website being setup in two languages the defining aspect are the various images with transitions. Thus enabling the website to show many different relevant images, but saving space on the page at the same time.

Beauty Surgeon Search

Beauty Surgeon Search
The pages for Beauty Arzt are a German web catalogue for facial surgeons and clinics.


Promoting Ranking Optimizing by FSnD

Promoting Ranking and Optimizing byFSnD
Ranking Optimizing Promoting, Typo3 Manitoba
Of course our own website was done in Typo3.
Internet Promoting

Lake Winnipeg Eastern Beaches

Lake Winnipeg Eastern Beaches

Eastern Beaches of Lake Winniepg Manitoba
Informational pages for the area from Selkirk to Elk Island - cottage country Manitoba.

Barewilderness Survival in Manitoba

Survival Sites, Survivor

Barewilderness Survival in Manitoba

The Barewilderness Project was a survival experiment by two men from southern Manitoba. They planned to spend a fortnight out in the Wilderness of Manitoba. They only took the clothes on their backs and a knife each. 
Survival Info sites


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