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Typo3, CMS content management systems in Manitoba

Typo3, CMS content management systems in Manitoba
Typo3 CMS

We can convert your existing website to Typo3 or can re-create your whole site with a completely new design in Typo3. Of course this also includes a short introduction with instructions on how to edit your webpages afterwards, once your site has been setup. This will enable you to take control of your website yourself!

Naturally we will support our customers after setting up their site with advice and consulting.

We also offer hosting services for Typo3 projects on our Internet servers for competible prices.

You can view some of the website we recently created in Typo3 here.
We will gladly offer consulting services in Manitoba.

Separate the contents from the design: Content Management with Typo3

Content Management Systems or CMS for short are finding a steadily rising distribution and use. Typo3 is one of the most commonly used representative and is used by us more and more for Web development.

The advantage of a Content Management System is based on the possibility of having a Web layout or design created once by a specialist, such as graphic artist.

Then to fill the system with content you can have the your specialists for the information type enter the texts using input forms. The resulting Web pages will all have the same design, which can quickly and globally be changed - if needed.

Additionally there are uncounted so called plugins or extension for Typo3 which enable you to quickly solve standard tasks such as creating email forms, displaying photos or integrating a Web shop. All jobs that formerly cost a lot of time and effort.

After the first planning phase when the layout of a site is decided, the later development of the Web pages can be done fairly quickly. This makes it possible to create very extensive Internet and intranet applications in a short time.

We are located in Manitoba and Germany

Should you have questions or need assistance with your project contact us. We will gladly offer extensive consulting concerning possiblities and limits.


If you would like to find out more, or would like us to make you an offer then please use our contact form.

Of course you can contact us directly by email or call at (204) 756-3981.